George Washington Crossword

Download and print this George Washington crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: NINE : How many siblings did he have growing up?, EIGHT : Being that he served two terms, how many years was he in the office?, BURGESSES : George served in the house of _________, ZERO : How many natural children did George have, MARY : The first name of his mother, REVOLUTIONARY : He led America to victory in the ____________ war, APRIL : The month George Washington was elected president, TWO : How many terms did he serve?, VERNON : He died at his home called Mount ______, NO : Did George Washington have a middle name?, LETTERS : He wrote more of these then any other president., JOHNADAMS : This man was the runner up to George in the elections, DECEMBER : He died on ________ 14th, 1799, FATHER : His nickname was the ____ of our country, CONTINENTAL : He led the ___________ army during the revolutionary war, AUGUSTINE : The first name of George`s father