Regions of Alaska Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: ALEUT : Southwest: One of the main Alaska Native groups in the region, GLACIER : Southeast: This icy landform created much of the landscape in the region, FAIRBANKS : Interior: The second largest city in the state, FERRY : Southcentral: What type of vehicle uses the Marine Highway System?, BARROW : Far North: One of the largest Inupiat communities, WET : Southeast: Has a ______, mild climate, FAR NORTH : This region is home to the Inupiat Eskimos., INTERIOR : This region holds the tallest mountain in North America., SITKA : Southeast: The capital of Russian America, KETCHIKAN : Southeast: Contains the largest collection of totem poles, SALMON : Southwest: One of the main types of fish in the area, RESIDENTS : Southcentral: More than half of Alaska's ______________ live here., JUNEAU : Southeast: The capital of Alaska, SOUTHWEST : This region contains one of the longest archipelagos of small islands in the world., BETHEL : Southwest: A major port, TUNDRA : Interior: What is the main type of vegetation in this region?