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  • acceleration : takes place with any change of velocity
  • displacement : a length vector pointing to its starting point to its end point
  • rate : how much a certain quantity changes
  • relative : considered in relation or in proportion to something
  • speed : the rate of which distance is traveled
  • force : strength or energy as an attribute of physical action or movement
  • inertia : an object's resistance to a change in motion
  • kilogram : the si unit of mass
  • mass : the amount of matter in an object
  • weight : the force of gravity in an object
  • net force : the force determined by combining all of the forces acting on an object
  • action force : force applied to an object
  • reaction force : consequence of an action force
  • inversely : a relation between two variables in which an increase in the value causes a decrease
  • air resistance : a kind of friction that occurs between air and another object
  • pressure : the force per unit area exerted on an object
  • pascals : the unit of pressure in the international system of units
  • terminal speed : the maximum attainable velocity by an object as it falls through a fluid
  • momentum : inertia in motion
  • impulse : the effect of force acting overtime
  • conservation : the momentum of a system is constant unless external forces are acting