Mechanics Crossword Puzzle

Download and print this Mechanics crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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  • amplitude : the maximum displacement of a body from the equilibrium position during an oscillatory motion
  • angular : _ displacement - the angle described at the center of the circle by a moving body along a circular path
  • impulse : change in momentum caused by an external force
  • momentum : a vector quantity with the same direction as objects velocity
  • resonant: _ is the frequency of vibration of an elastic object that depends on the size, composition, and shape of the object
  • equilibrium: _ position - where the mass wants to be in simple harmonic motion
  • velocity : angular _ is the rate of change of angular displacement of a rotating body.
  • displacement : the change in the position of an object in a particular direction
  • projectile : an object thrown into space either horizontally and under the action of gravity
  • torque : turning force (not applied through the centre of mass)
  • dampen : any effect causing loss of energy during shm
  • impulse : a net force acting on an object, causing the object to accelerate, changing momentum
  • gravitational field : strength of the gravitational field strength at a particular point. g
  • acceleration : angular _ is the rate of change of angular velocity of a rotating body
  • centripetal force : force required to keep an object moving in a circle
  • frequency : angular _ is expressed in radians per second
  • momentum : angular _ - mass x angular velocity for an object undergoing circular motion