Forms of Energy Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: absorption: when light is taken in instead of bouncing or bending, sound: energy that travels in waves to the ears, reflection: this happens when light bounces off a surface, electrical: this energy flows through a circuit and can transform into other types of energy, light: type of energy from a light source that travels in a straight line, pitch: describes how high or low a sound is, conductor: materials that allow heat or electricity to flow through it, thermal: this type of energy increases as particles in an object move faster and faster, volume: describes how loud or soft a sound is, refraction: this happens when light waves hit a surface and bend, echo: this happens when a sound wave is repeated back, kinetic: moving energy, potential: stored energy an object has, chemical: energy that is stored in matter and can be released by a chemical reaction (think: baggie explosion), mechanical: type of energy that depends on an object's position and motion, insulator: materials that do not allow heat or electricity to flow through it. , vibrations: these move back and forth very quickly to cause sound waves.