Wave Properties Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: echo : the reflection of sound that can be heard. (4), compression : point where a longitudinal is squeezed together. (11), oscillate : to move to and fro about a certain position along a line. (9), electromagnetic : the type of wave in which electric and magnetic disturbances transfer energy from one place to another. (15), longitudinal : waves in which the vibrations are parallel to the direction of energy transfer. (12), rarefaction : point where longitudinal wave is stretched apart. (11), vibrate : to oscillate (move to and fro) rapidly about a certain position. (7), speed : equal to the distance moved by the object (metres) divided by the time taken to move the distance travelled (seconds), reflection : the change of direction of a light ray or other wave at a boundary when the ray or wave stays in the incident medium. (10), wavelength : the distance from one wave crest to the next, transverse : the type of wave where the vibration is perpendicular to the direction of energy transfer. (10), mechanical : wave or vibration that travels through a substance. (10), amplitude : the height of a wave crest or trough of a transverse wave from the rest position. it is the maximum distance moved by an oscillating object from its equilibrium position. (9), frequency : the number of wave crests passing a fixed point every second. measured in hertz, hz. (9), refraction : the change of direction of a light ray when it passes across a boundary between two transparent substances (including air). (10), transmission : the passing of a wave through a substance. (12)