Physical Wellness Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: anemia : caused by not having enough iron in one's diet, fiber : best solution for constipation, fluids : you need to make a special effort to increase this if you have diarrhea, cancer : when cells invade and destroy normal tissue cells, appears as growths, plaque : made up of saliva, bacteria, and food debris, tooth decay : occurs because of acid created by plaque, to create holes in ones teeth, brushing : recommended 3-4 times a day to keep your teeth healthy, diabetes : when a body can not break produce enough insulin or the body can not absorb it, hyperglycemia : elevated blood sugar, hepatitis : inflammation of the liver, producing swelling and tenderness, hypertension : high blood pressure, heart attack : occurs when part of the heart does not get enough blood, obesity : weighing 20% or more than the maximum desirable weight for a certain height, insomnia : problems falling or staying asleep.