Of Mice and Men Crossword

Download and print this Of Mice and Men crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: Bear: Lennie is compared to a terrier, a horse and what other animal?, Lulu: What is the name of Slim's dog?, Carlson: Who shot Candy's dog?, Crooks: What is the name of the stable buck?, TheBoss: Who is suspicious of George and Lennie travelling together?, Weed: Where did Lennie get intro trouble for grabbing a girl's dress?, Solitaire: What card game do the men play?, Slim: Who is the 'prince of the ranch'?, Fish: During the fight scene, Curley is compared to what animal?, Candy: Who joins in George and Lennie's dream in Chapter 3?, Curley: Who does Curley's Wife spend a lot of time looking for?, Rabbits: What animal does Lennie want to tend?, Belong: George wants a place to _________, Mouse: What animal did Lennie inadvertently kill by petting it?, Possessions: What does Crooks have a lot more of than the other men?, Three: How many hundred dollars does Candy have?, Lonely: A lot of the characters feel __________