Molecular Basis of Inheritance Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: epigenetics : involves alterations to gene expression and activity but not to the dna sequence itself, polymerase: an enzyme that uses nucleotides to catalyze the creation of polymers, such dna and rna, codon : three nucleotides in a genetic sequence that determines an amino acid, promoter : a promoter is the portion of dna that starts a specific gene's transcription, helicase : enzyme involved in transcription or replication that unravels double-stranded dna, chromosome : condensed thread-like structure of dna and proteins, operon : functioning dna unit that contains a group of genes, histone : protein that aids in the packaging and arrangement of dna in a cell's nucleus, telomere : dna sequence that repeats at the end of a chromosome, introns : dna regions that do not code within a gene