Microscopic World: Protozoans Crossword Puzzle

Download and print this Microscopic World: Protozoans crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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  • proto : greek for "first"
  • ciliates : a group of protozoans that move by waving tiny, hair-like organelles called cilia.
  • gullet : food is swept into this organelle.
  • sporozoans : a group of protozoans that do not have organelles for movement and are parasites.
  • paramecium : an example of a ciliate. it waves it cilia like tiny oars to move through water.
  • slimemolds : strange, fungus-like organisms that grow in damp environments and absorb their food.
  • colonies : some protozoans gather together in groups called...
  • flagellates : a group of protozoans that move using a whip-like organelle called a flagella
  • eukaryote : an organism that has a cell nucleus
  • zoon : greek for "animal"
  • pseudopods : in latin, "false feet".
  • flagella : a a whip-like organelle used for movement in a flagellate.
  • parasite : an organism that lives in or on a host organism and causes it harm.
  • cilia : tiny, hair-like organelles.
  • foodvacuole : food is taken into an ameoba to form a...
  • protozoan : a single-celled eukaryote that has some animal-like characteristics.
  • plasmodium : malaria is caused by a sporozoan called...
  • host : parasites live on these...
  • amoebaproteus : a species found in ponds
  • amoebas : a group of protozoans that move by means of pseudopods.