Cells & Cell Theory Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: HOOKE : Last name of the scientist who named "Cells", MICROSCOPE : Scientific tool that allows us to examine tiny cells., CYTOPLASM : Jelly-like substance that surrounds the organelles of a cell, PROKARYOTIC : ​Cells without a nucleus, usually single celled organisms, VACUOLE : Part of a cell where things like waste and water are stored., ENERGY : ATP is a form of chemical ______., UNIT : According to Cell Theory, Cells are the basic ____ of life., MITOCHONDRIA : ​The part of the cell that creates energy, ORGANELLE : Any structure inside the cell that supports the function of the cell., SEVENTH : What grade are you in?, SMALL : Animal cells have ______ vacuoles., CELL WALL : Found in a plant cell, gives additional structure to the cell!, LARGE : Plant cells have _____ vacuoles., TURKEY : What type of meat is usually served at Thanksgiving?, NUCLEUS : ​The command center of the cell, contains genetic information. (DNA), CHLOROPLAST : Part of a plant cell that converts the sun's energy to fuel, TWENTY : What is the total number of toes and fingers humans should have., GLUCOSE : Photosynthesis helps to make this fuel that cells use? (Fancy word for sugar), CELL MEMBRANE : ​The outside barrier of the cell, lets nutrients in and waste out of the cell, EUKARYOTIC : Cells that contain a nucleus are called ____________ cells.