Cell Organelles Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: Cell membrane : Outer layer of the cell, Can control what goes in and out of the cell, Ribosomes : make proteins for the cell, Lysosomes : Break down worn out cell parts, Smooth ER : Same as rough ER, but without ribosomes, Mitochondria : Mitochondria turns food into energy for the cell, Vacuole : Used for storage, mainly water., Golgi Apparatus : Packages and delivers proteins (that were made from ribosomes), Rough ER : Makes pathways from nucleus through cytoplasm, covered in ribosomes, Cytoplasm : Fluid part of the cell to move things around, Nucleus : Holds the DNA, is like the brain of the cell., Chloroplast : Uses the sun to make food during Photosynthesis, Cell Wall : Outermost structure found in plants to give support