Medieval Europe Revision Crossword Puzzle

Download and print this Medieval Europe Revision crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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  • armour : serves to protect the knight in battles
  • saracens: what the christians called the muslims in the crusades
  • serf: a role in society worse than a peasant, but better than a slave
  • sword : weapon the knight uses to defend himself
  • quartered: a particularly severe punishment was to be hung, drawn and...
  • peter the hermit: the monk who led christians into the crusades
  • trial by ordeal: a method used to determine whether a person was guilty of a crime based on divine favour
  • monk: a man who dedicated himself to serving god
  • septecaemic: the worst kind of bubonic plague that had 100% chance of death
  • franks: what the muslims called the christians in the crusades
  • flagellants: people who whipped themselves in the hope that god would spare them
  • treason: considered the worst crime in medieval europe
  • quarantino: the word "quarantine" comes from this italian word
  • urban: the pope that sparked the crusades
  • nun: a woman who dedicated herself to serving god
  • king : the man who reigns on england and the knight has the duty to protect
  • chevalier: the french word for a knight
  • feudal system: the type of government present in medieval europe
  • jerusalem: the key city that was fought over during the crusades