Industrialization and the "Gilded Age" Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: PHILANTHROPY : "private initiatives, for public good, focusing on quality of life"., ENTREPRENEUR : Person or small group who starts or invests in a business in the hope of making a profit, MONOPOLY : A company having complete control over the supply of a product or service, GILDED : _______ age is the time period from 1865-1900, HAY MARKET : Public opinion about unions swung to the "too violent" category in 1886 with the " _______ Affair", ROCKEFELLER : Created a monopoly in the oil industry, BELL : Invented the telephone, CARNEGIE : Created a steel monopoly in the late 1800's, CLOSED : ________ shops were businesses where only union members can be hired, UNION : Workers organized in these groups to help obtain better working conditions, EDISON : Given credit for producing the first effective light bulb, STRIKE : Form of protest by labor unions in in which the worker marches outside the job site protesting, WRIGHT : _________ brothers given credit for being the first to maintain sustained flight in their airplane, CORPORATION : A company that is chartered by a state and recognized in law as a separate person