Machu Picchu Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: growing: other theories on its purpose include: a prison, a trading destination, a retreat for women and a place for _ new crops, mortar: it features stones used in walls and buildings cut so precisely that no _ was needed, mile: machu picchu extends over a 5 _ distance, abandoned: the incas _ machu picchu about 100 years after its construction for reasons unknown, unesco: machu picchu has been designated a _ world heritage site since 1983 and one of the new seven wonders of the world since 2007, machupicchu: _ was built by the incas, famous: it is south america’s most _ ruins and peru’s most visited tourist attraction, mountains: others believe it was a religious site because of its proximity to _ which the incas viewed as sacred, ecuador: they eventually expanded their empire from northern _ to central chile, inti: one incan legend describes their people being brought into existence by the sun god _ , surroundings: the incas shaped their architecture to aesthetically blend into _ , evidence: excavated _ suggests machu picchu was a palace complex for one of the incan rulers