Food Safety & Quality Crossword Puzzle

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  • pest : the _ control program is designed to prevent the ingress of insects, mice and birds into a facility
  • under : retail products are not allowed to be sold when they are _ the specified weight on the label
  • foreign : physical contamination is caused by _ objects that enter the product at some stage during the manufacturing process.
  • best : batch details must be encoded on the retail product label which includes _ before date, batch code and harvest year.
  • chemical : prior to harvest, fruit samples are lab tested to ensure there is no _ residue in the fruit from pesticide spraying.
  • allergy : anaphylaxis is a serious form of food _ that can cause severe reactions and even death.
  • ears : hairnet must contain all hair and also cover _ .
  • bandaid : any exposed wounds/cuts must be covered by a coloured detectable _
  • listeria : _ is a pathogenic bacteria present in drains, can easily migrate to food contact surfaces and cause listeriosis.
  • sanitize : wash, dry and _ your hands before entering any food manufacturing areas