Lab Tools & Safety Crossword Puzzle

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  • goggles: special glasses to protect your eyes during lab work.
  • bunsen burner: a tool that makes a flame for heating things in the lab.
  • pipette: a device to measure liquids carefully.
  • beaker: a common container to hold liquids during experiments.
  • safety shower: used in an emergency to rinse off chemicals quickly.
  • test tube: a small, thin container for doing tiny experiments.
  • fire extinguisher: a device to put out small fires quickly.
  • graduated cylinder: a tool to measure liquid volume accurately.
  • lab coat: a protective coat worn during lab work to keep clothes safe.
  • erlenmeyer flask: a triangle-shaped flask with a narrow neck for experiments.
  • safety goggles: special glasses with side shields to protect your eyes.
  • microscope: a tool that makes tiny things look much bigger.
  • safety apron: a protective apron to cover your body during lab work.
  • thermometer: a device to measure temperature in degrees celsius or fahrenheit.
  • eye wash station: emergency equipment to rinse your eyes if something gets in them.
  • petri dish: a shallow dish used to grow cells or small organisms.
  • tongs: special tool to grip and handle hot objects safely.
  • safety gloves: protective gloves to keep your hands safe during lab work.
  • fume hood: a device that removes harmful fumes from the lab.
  • first aid kit: a box with medical supplies for treating minor injuries.