Florida's Coastal Birds Crossword Puzzle

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  • white ibis : usually in groups, they use their reddish pink curved bills to probe for their prey
  • luna : ambassador for the peace river wildlife center
  • bald eagle : use same nest site every year, and they are known to steal other creature's catches
  • fish crow : distinguishes itself from others by the double "cah" sound it makes
  • piping plover : endangered due to habit loss and predation, they run on the shore with orange legs, and nest in the sand
  • osprey : hawk that likes to nest on tall man-made structures. it is also known as "fish hawk"
  • brown pelican : feeding by plunge-diving, swallows its' catch head first
  • black skimmer : drags its' lower bill along the water while flying to catch small fish
  • sander lings : on the beach, they run back and forth in sync with the waves
  • snowy egret : almost went extinct due to its plumage, wears yellow boots.
  • cormorant : has a hooked bill, often seen on channel markers drying its wings
  • heron : great blue _ : tallest of the wading birds at 50 inches
  • frigate bird : breeding males have a bright red throat pouch
  • laughing gull : numbers are dropping partly due to improved garbage disposal