Fiber & Hydration Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: Brown : Better source of fiber and nutrients than white., Carrots : Can be grated right on salads., Raisins : 7 grams of fiber versus fresh grapes with 1 gram of fiber., Twenty : Amount (%) of daily fluid intake from food. , Beans : Substitute for meat that has 7-8 grams of fiber per serving., Ounces : Fluids - Women should have 92 and men should have 124 of these., Fresh : Better source of fiber than canned., Metamucil : A source of soluble fiber recommended by the dietician to decrease constipation., Juice: A source of fruit nutrients that has NO fiber and usually lots of sugar., Whole grain : Breads or crackers that give more fiber and nutrition per serving., Navy : Beans with the most fiber at 19 grams per cup.