Feudal Japan Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: emperor: top of the japanese society, inherited their power but had very little actual power, samurai: warrior class of japan, followed bushido strictly, shogun: the actual leader of japan, was the most powerful daimyo owning the most land, daimyo: land owning rich nobles, would give land to warriors in exchange for loyalty, peasants: the largest class in feudal japan, farmed on the land of nobles, merchants: produce products/trade looked down on in japanese society due to interest in money, regents: people who would run the country for the emperor, isolated: japan was extremely _ from other cultures and countries due to its location and culture, sepukku: samurai would commit _ which was a ritualized form of suicide, honor: the most important value to a samurai was _ , shinto: the native religion of japan, feudal: a society with a strict hierarchy where nobles give warriors land in exchange for service, four: japan is made up of _ main islands, bushido: known as the way of the warrior, the code samurai would follow, money: samurai did not like merchants due to their interest in _