Industrial Revolution and Imperialism Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: industrial : _ revolution - the time of massive change in the way of doing things, started in great britain, urbanization : the process of making towns and cities during the industrial revolution, factory : a place where many people work together to make something, factors : _ of production - land labor and capital. the things that are required to make something, enclosure : a closed off area where animals tend to be stored, middle class : a class of skilled workers and producers, the bourgeoisie, entrepreneur : a person that starts a business, socialism : a society where the people own the factors of production, capitalism : a society where the people own their things and only theirs, communism : a society where the government owns and controls everything, paternalism : when a leader treats the people that they control as children, imperialism : when a strong nation dominates other nations politically socially or economically, racism : the belief that one race is better than the other, social darwinism : the belief that only the fittest survive in the world, sphere : of influence area in which a foreign nation controlled trade and investment. allowed open trade within china. germany, britain, france, russia, and japan could all trade within china, geopolitics : taking land for its location or materials, annexation : the addition of land to an already existing country, open door policy : a policy proposed by the us in 1899, under which all nations would have equal opportunities to trade in china, opium war : a war that happened when china tried to ban opium trade, boxer rebellion : a revolt in china to end foreign influence, realpolitik : political theory, advocated by bismarck, that national success justifies any means possible. very machiavellian, kaiser : german emperor