Digestive System Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: Absorption : Nutrient molecules passed through the wall of your digestive system into your blood, Rectum : The large intestine ends in a short tube called the ___, Starches : The pancreas produces enzymes that flow into the small intestine and help break down ____, proteins, and fats, Mucus : ___ is a thick, slippery substance produced by the body, Bile : ___ is a substance that breaks up fat particles, Villus : More professional wore for villi, Esophagus : After food enters the ___, contractions of smooth muscles push the food towards the stomach, Mechanical Digestion : Your teeth carry out the first role of ______, Liver : The ___ , which is located in the upper right portion of the abdomen, is the largest organ in the body, Villi : The lining of the small intestine is covered with millions of tiny finger shaped structures called ___, Epiglottis : A flap of tissue called the ___ seals off your windpipe, preventing the food from entering, Fat : The small intestine helps break down ___, Large Intestine : The ___ is the last section of the digestive system, Gallbladder : Bile flows from the liver into the ___, Proteins : Starches, ___, and fats, Chemical Digestion : ___ is accomplished by enzymes, Stomach : The ___ is a j-shaped muscular pouch located in the abdomen, Saliva : The fluid released when your mouth waters is called ___, Anus : The ___, is a muscular opening at the end of the rectum, Pancreas : The ___ is a triangular organ that lies between the stomach and the first part of the small intestine