Crazy for Coffee! Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: arabic : the word coffee originates from this language, colombia : where was the world's largest cup of coffee made?, starbucks : this company has a coffee shop in the cia, green : coffee beans are this color when they're harvested, folgers : "the best part of waking up is _ in your cup", chicory : a civil war substitute for coffee now popular in new orleans, finland: this country drinks the most coffee per capita in the world, three : the average american drinks this many cups of coffee in a day, billion : the us imports 3.3 _ pounds of coffee a year, caffeine : this is the stimulant in tea and coffee, ethiopia : coffee originally grew wild in this country, nestle : this company developed instant coffee, boston : this city's "tea party" helped popularize coffee in the us, seattle : starbucks opened its first store in this us city, brazil : this country produces 1/3 of the world's coffee, hawaii: this us state produces kona coffee, bach : this composer wrote a comic opera about coffee, coffea : the genus of coffee, monks : cappuccino coffee is named after an order of these, mocha : this drink is made of espresso, steamed milk, and chocolate