Cell Organelle Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: lysosomes : a organelle that destroys old cells or old organelles, nucleolus : the organelle that makes diploid or mitosis, chloroplast : an organelle that converts light into sugar, er : the organelle that moves materials, golgi body : a pancake like organelle that stores materials and proteins, membrane : like a fence it protects and lets things in, mitochondrion : a organelle that converts food into energy, ribosome : an organelle that makes protein, cytoplasm : a jell like organelle that holds other organelles, cell wall : a organelle that protects and forms the cell, nucleus : a organelle that regulates the actions in the cell, vacuole : a organelle that stores water, dna : the code for cells, vesicle : a organelle that moves materials in and out the cell