Candy Making Crossword

Download and print this Candy Making crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.

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QUESTIONS LIST: Property : Characteristic or quality of something, Liquid : Something able to flow like water, Dissolve : To mix a solid into a liquid, Hardness : The state of being hard, Proper : Right for some purpose or situation, Thread : A long, thin piece of something, Thermometer : Tool that measures temperature, Desired : Wished for, Temperature : How hot or cold something is, Mixture : Something that contains many different ingredients, Circular : Shaped like a circle or part of a circle, Flavoring : Something that is added to food or drink to give it a certain taste, Crack : A break in a surface, Mold : Container that gives something its shape, Relate : To be connected to or to cause, Concentration : The amount of something in a mixture, Remove : To take out of something or somewhere