Biology Term Review Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: scientific method : process of developing an observation, hypothesis, and experiement, theory : a well-tested hypothesis, nucleus : holds the dna, mitochondria : powerhouse of the cell, cytoplasm : jellylike substance holding cell organelles, control : group not exposed to the independent variable; unchanged, eukaryotic : describes cells with a nucleus and organelles, diffusion : movement from high to low concentration, organelle : sub-unit in a cell with a specialized function, multicellular : means made up of many cells, independent : the variable the scientist manipulates, microscope : optical instrument to view small objects, biology : the study of life, dna : molecule that contains the genetic code, lipids : what cell membranes are made out of, homeostasis : steady internal conditions; equilibrium, energy : what active transport requires to move molecules, vacuole : stores food and water in the cell, cell : smallest unit of an organism, hyper tonic : cell shrivels up; solute concentration greater outside