Scientific Investigation Crossword Puzzle

Download and print this Scientific Investigation crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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  • meter stick : tool used to measure length
  • prediction : forecast on what may happen in future situations
  • experiment : fair test driven by a hypothesis
  • lab report : written record used by scientist to share results of an experiment
  • constant : all factors and materials remaining the same in experiment
  • theory : proven hypothesis due to many experiments and consistent days
  • control : standard that other conditions are compared to in experiment
  • conclusion : statement or sentence explaining what you discovered in your experiment
  • analyze : think about and study data
  • data : facts, figures, and other evidence gathered by observations
  • mass : amount of matter in an object
  • length : distance between two points
  • analysis : process of studying results and data to find patterns
  • inference : interpretation of an observation based on evidence about events that have already occurred
  • observation : skill using one or more senses to gather information and data
  • hypothesis : possible answer to a question or problem
  • volume : amount of space an object takes up
  • repeated trial : experiment done several times
  • variable : any factor that can change in an experiment
  • scientific method : procedure, plan, or directions scientists follow when doing investigations