Fossil Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle

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  • body fossils: parts of the body of plants and animals that have become fossils.
  • fuel: a material that is burned for energy.
  • carbon dating: a method used by scientists to determine the age of fossils and other objects by measuring the amount of carbon-14 they contain.
  • fossil record: the collection of all known fossils that provide evidence of past life on earth.
  • fossils: the preserved remains of once living things (plants, animals)
  • trace fossils: fossils that record the movement of animals.
  • organisms: living things such as plants, animals
  • sedimentary: a term used to describe a species to no longer exists.
  • petrify: to turn to stony or a stony substance
  • fossil fuel: a fuel that forms the remains of ancient animals and plants.
  • paleontologist: someone who studies fossils and other things that lived long ago.
  • preserve: to keep a fossil safe.
  • extinct: when one kind of organism has died out everywhere on earth.
  • decay: when an organism dies, slowly rotting, and then no longer exists.
  • mold: an empty space in rock where something once was.
  • imprint: a mark left in the rock or other materials by a living thing (plants or animals).
  • cast: a copy of a mold's shape made of hardened minerals.