Ancient Greek Achievements Crossword

Download and print this Ancient Greek Achievements crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: MASK : Greek men wore this to show emotions during theater productions, ASTRONOMY : Comes from the Greek word star, GEOMETRY : A type of math that means "to measure land", DEMOCRACY : Government that is ruled by the people; began in Athens, BIOLOGY : Ancient Greeks developed this science of living things, COLUMNS : Greeks used this to make temples look balanced, ATHENS : The birthplace of democracy, ALPHABET : Comes from the Greek letters, alpha and beta, HIPPOCRATIC OATH : Based on the ideals of ethical behavior; doctors promise to be honest, HIPPOCRATES : "Father of Medicine", DRAMA : The art of theater, POLYTHESTIC : The belief in many gods or goddess, OLYMPIC FLAME : The first Greek athletes lit this at the alter of Zeus, SOCRATES : One of the first great Greek philosophers from Athens