Early River Civilizations Crossword Puzzle

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PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: yellow : early chinese civilization started along the _ river, upanishads : these are mystical poems from the ancient aryan people of south asia, pyramids : the most famous structures left by the egyptian civilization are the.., sargon : the sumerian city-states were conquered by the akkadian leader _ , who many historians refer to as the first "emperor.", euphrates : mesopotamian culture was located between the tigris and _ rivers, slaves : in sumerian culture, warfare was necessary in order to maintain the flow of.., patriarchal : mesopotamian culture, like most human societies, was male-dominated, or.., irrigation : early egyptian government became highly centralized because of the demands of maintaining a highly complex system of.., silver : sumerian trade was based largely on this precious metal, hammurabi : the babylonian king _ created the earliest known law code, cuneiform : the first known human writing system, invented by the sumerians, is called.., zhou : after the shang dynasty, the _ ruled by making alliances with other powerful families, ganges : after the decline of harappa, aryans settled into the indus and _ river valleys, toilets : one cool bit of technology from harappa and other indus valley cities was the use of.., harappa : the largest cities of the indus valley civilization were mohenjo daro and.., nile : early egyptian civilization was established along the banks of the _ river, pharaoh : throughout the long history of the nile river culture, the egyptian monarch was known as the.., mandarin : the zhou dynasty encouraged greater national unity through the standardized use of the _ language, vedas : early aryan literature includes sacred hymns called.., shang : the earliest chinese dynasty that we have definite documentation for is the _ dynasty, pakistan : indus valley civilization sites are located mostly in india and.., polytheism : a belief in many gods is called...