Ancient Greece Crossword Puzzle

Download and print this Ancient Greece crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: trojan war : a war believed to have started over a women's beauty, myths : a fictional story similar to a legend, monarchy : a form of government with a ruler or leader at the head, tyrants : a ruler whom has become cruel and/or oppressive, athens : the capital of greece, named after a geek goddess, draco : a nobleman who took power in 621 b.c. and took the first step towards a democracy, sparta : a city state which was built off military instead of democracy, olympics : an event were athletes compete, zeus : god of gods and goddess in greek culture, military : what's used to defend a country or city state from invasion, marathon : a 26 mile long distance run, darius : a persian king who vowed to destroy athens, xerxes : successor to darius the great and the one who set fire to athens, parthenon : a building used in traditional styles to that of greek temples, tragedy : a type of drama viewed as more serious, comedy : a type of drama which commonly used crude humor, plague : an infectious disease caused by bacteria, plato : a student of socrates whom wrote the famous work "the republic", socrates : a philosopher who believed that standards existed for truth and justice, philosophers : a person engaged or learned in philosophy, government : what is usually in charge of a country or state, aristotle : a philosopher whose ideas later set the basis for the scientific method, democracy : a form of government