All About Shakespeare Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: william : what is shakespeare's first name?, merchant : his father's occupation, seven : how long did his "lost years" last?, actor : he was this as well as a playwright and a poet, dramatist : he is called the greatest of these of all time, round : the shape of the globe, cannon : this caused the fire that burned down the first globe theater, poet : he is called england's national _ ?, courtyards : before theaters, where were plays performed, comedy of errors : his shortest written play, hamlet : his longest written play, kingsmen : what was the name of shakespeare's company during king james i reign?, mary arden : name of his mother, april : the month of his birth and death, patron : a rich person who supported a play, roof : the globe did not have this, historical : his first plays were this, three : the number of children he had?, globe : which theater burned down that shakespeare and his company used?, five : how many siblings did he have?, sonnets : he wrote these as well as plays