Age of Enlightenment Crossword Puzzle

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PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: locke : this philosopher believed in the ideal of "natural rights", descartes : the philosopher who stated "i think, therefore, i am", capitalism : the united states economy is based on this economic system, daskapital : karl's work describing his socialist based economic theories, smith : this fellow wrote "the wealth of nations", supply : this word describes the amount of goods or services that are available in a market, voltaire : this philosopher believed in the separation of church and state and defended free speech, consumers : this word describes who wins when companies battle for business in a, demand : this word describes the amount of purchasing desire existing in a market, montesquieu : this philosopher believed that the power in a government should be divided amongst 3 branches, communist : the type of government that has evolved based on the ideas put forth by karl marx, frankenstein : the novel was written by the daughter of a famous english philosopher, diderot : he helped write the first encyclopedia, galileo : i'm sure it was quite a sight watching this man drop cannon balls from the leaning tower of pisa, free market : the type of market that mr. smith advocated for. (he supported), newton : one word clue; gravity, hobbes : this philosopher did not believe that the people had the right to overthrow a monarch.