Acids and Alkalis Crossword

Download and print this Acids and Alkalis crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: ACID: Something with a pH less than 7 (4), HYDROGEN: when a metal reacts with an acid, a salt and _______ are made (8), CRYSTALLIZATION: This is used when making a salt to remove water and purify the salt (15), CHLORIDE: A salt made when hydrochloric acid reacts is called a _______ (8), LIME WATER: to test for carbon dioxide we use _________ (9), WATER: The state symbol (aq) means dissolved in _____ (5), NITRIC: the name of the acid used to make sodium nitrate is _______ acid (6), ALKALI: A base dissolved in water (6), FILTRATION: This is used to remove excess unreacted solid when making a salt (10), SOAPY: alkalis feel ________ (5), EXCESS: When making a salt, you need to add the solid until it is in ______ (6), BASE: A chemical that neutralizes an acid (4), DECREASE: during an endothermic reaction, the temperature will _______ (8), SOUR: acids taste _____ (4), EXOTHERMIC: a reaction in which energy is transferred to the surroundings (10), SEVEN: The pH of a neutral solution (5), SALT: Acid + alkali --> ________ + water (4)