Acid-Base Imbalance Crossword Puzzle

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  • compensation : attempt to correct blood ph and maintain balance
  • metabolic : type of acidosis with low ph and a low bicarbonate level
  • acidosis : imbalance where arterial blood ph is below 7.35
  • alkalosis : acid-base imbalance with ph above 7.45
  • buffers : important in keeping the ph at a normal level
  • respiratory : type of acidosis occurring with the retention of co2
  • ph : normal value between 7.35 and 7.45
  • acid : releases hydrogen ions when dissolved in water
  • carbon dioxide : when combined with water, this gas forms carbonic acid
  • ng suction : a cause of metabolic alkalosis
  • bicarbonate : a base in human body fluid
  • hyperventilation : causes the lungs to exhale more carbon dioxide
  • base : substance that binds to and lowers hydrogen ions