Genes, Environment, & Behavior Crossword Puzzle

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  • learned : behavior determined by gene structures that may become fixed or plastic; may require prior experience and are triggered by a stimulus.
  • innate : behavior determined by genes that is developmentally fixed and does not require prior experience but requires a stimulus to initiation the behavior.
  • habituation : loss of responsiveness to unimportant stimuli.
  • associative : learning to associate a stimulus with a response.
  • classical : a type of conditioning in which one associates a neutral signal given before a behavior (reflex).
  • operant : a type of conditioning in which a reinforcement or punishment after a behavior strengthens the association.
  • observational : learning by watching others and copying.
  • imprinting : a form of learning by which young of spine species associate an aspect of some stimulus with their care-giver.
  • kinesis : non-directional movement of an animal in response to the intensity of a stimulus.
  • taxis : directional movement of an animal in response to a stimulus gradient (positive or negative).
  • orientation : use of a compass direction to determine the direction of movement.
  • piloting : movement relative to landmarks.
  • navigation : movement that involves both orientation and piloting.
  • optimality : theory which predicts that the behavior that maximizes the difference between the costs and benefits of the behavior will result in the highest fitness.