16th Century Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: crossbow : a weapon for shooting quarrels that consists of a short bow mounted crosswise near the end of a stock, mercenary : a soldier hired to fight in exchange of a monthly wage, venice : a powerful city state which dominated the mediteranean trade during the 16th century, constantinople : the center of the ottoman empire's power during the 16th century, henri 2 : he was france's king until 1559, cape : a garment worn over clothes to protect one's self from the cold or rain, renaissance : a period of new growth of interest and activity in the areas of art, literature, and ideas in europe during the 16th century, leonardo da vinci : he was a popular artist known for his inventions and paintings in italy, humanism : a philosophical stance that emphasizes the individual and social potential of human beings, rapier : a long, narrow type of sword worn by the nobility, martin luther : he published his "95 theses" in 1517.