Zoology Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: heterotrophic : consume other living things for food, plants : cellulose and autotrophic, fungi : cell wall made of chitin, transitional : _ fossil - characteristics of two or more groups, fossils : remains of dead organisms, dna : molecule with instructions for life, adapted : characteristics for survival, invertebrate : no backbone, autotrophic : makes own food from sun, homologous : structures that are similar in two or more organisms, evolution : organisms changing over time, taxonomy : classification, vertebrates : backbone, zoology : study of animals, protists : organisms that don't fit into other kingdoms, bacteria : single cell no nucleus, ancestor : common _ : from which two or more species evolved, cell wall : gives cell shape and protection, descent : common _ : all organisms share the same ancestors, natural : _ selection : best adapted have more offspring