Cell Division Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: HAPLOID : Cells with 1 set of chromosomes, ANAPHASE : Mitosis time when sisters pull apart, ASEXUAL : Reproduction that needs no mate, S PHASE : Part of inter-phase where DNA is replicated, META PHASE : Mitosis time when chromosomes line up, TWENTY THREE : Chromosomes in a human gamete, PRO PHASE : Mitosis time when nucleus starts to disappear, CHROMOSOME : Structure of chromatin and DNA, GAMETE : Sperm and Egg Cells, CLEAVAGE FURROW : Where animal cells split, EUKARYOTIC : Cells that contain a nucleus, CELL CYCLE : Repeated stages of a cell's life, CELLOPHANE : Mitosis time when nucleus re-forms, SPINDLE : Thingy that pulls chromosomes, INTER PHASE : Time in cell's life when regular cell stuff gets done, MITOSIS : Division of nucleus, DIPLOID : Cells with 2 sets of chromosomes, PROKARYOTE : Type of cell with no nucleus, FORTY SIX : Number of chromosomes in a human body cell, CHROMATID : 'Sister' chromosomes