Water World Crossword Puzzle

Download and print this Water World crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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  • pacific : the largest ocean
  • marine : having to do with the sea
  • predator : an animal that eats animals for its food
  • seals : the prey of polar bears
  • microscope : an instrument with powerful lenses used to magnify things on a glass slide.
  • beluga : a small, white whale
  • habitats : places where plants and animals live together and survive
  • depth : deepness or a measurement of deepness
  • polar bear : a large mammal that waits on the ice floes for seals to come up through holes in the ice and then tries to capture it for food
  • atlantic : the earth's 2nd largest ocean on the east coast of the u.s.
  • carbon dioxide : a dangerous gas that comes from car exhaust and factories
  • food chain : plants and animals that live in an ecosystem and eat one another
  • walrus : a large sea mammal with two long tusks
  • gills : the organ on a fish's side that allows it to breathe
  • indian ocean : the ocean with the warmest waters
  • global warming : the worldwide rise in average temperature
  • narwhal : a kind of whale with a tusk that looks like the horn of a unicorn
  • micro fauna : tiny sea creatures
  • ice floe : a large piece of floating ice
  • kelp : a type of plant that grows on the ocean floor
  • arctic ocean : the smallest ocean that is covered with ice for most of the year
  • plankton : tiny animals and plants that drift or float in oceans and lakes
  • pup : a baby seal or a baby walrus