Protein Catabolism Crossword Puzzle

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  • ammoniotelic : term used to describe organisms that release n as nh4+ - aquatic vertebrates and invertebrates are examples.
  • glucogenic : term for amino acids that eventually give rise to glucose after degradation.
  • pyruvate : the carbon skeleton of ala, cys, gly, ser, thr, and trp give rise to this molecule
  • ubiquitin : protein present in eukaryotic cells that marks proteins for degradation
  • fumarate : molecular link between the urea cycle and the citric acid cycle
  • acetyl coa : the carbon skeletons of ile, leu, and trp give rise to this molecule
  • pyridoxal phosphate : coenzyme of all aminotransferase enzymes, responsible for formation of schiff base
  • ketogenic : term for amino acids that give rise to ketone bodies or fatty acids after degradation
  • succinyl coa : the carbon skeleton of ile, met, thr, and val give rise to this molecule
  • four : number of ub molecules that is required to send a strong degradation signal
  • oxygenases : enzymes required for degradation of aromatic amino acids
  • mitochondria : deamination of amino acids occurs in this cellular location
  • gdh : abbreviation for the enzyme that catalyzes the oxidative deamination reaction responsible for liberating free nh4+
  • cytoplasm : hydrolysis of arginine to produce urea and ornithine occurs in this cellular location
  • lysine : amino acid residue that reacts with ubiquitin to form an isopeptide bond and tag a protein for degradation
  • liver : major site of amino acid degradation
  • carbamoyl phosphate : synthetase enzyme responsible for the committed step in the urea cycle
  • alanine : nitrogen atoms from bcaas used for fuel in the muscles are transported to the liver for degradation as this molecule
  • arginine : carbon skeleton of this molecule is conserved as fumarate