World Radiography Day Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: radiation: utilized in the production of x-ray images, lumbar: the spine is segmented into 4 areas, cervical, thoracic, _ and sacrum, photon: x-rays are a high energy light _ , clavicle: the proper name for a collar bone, mandible: you couldn't chew without it, fracture: bone injury, also known as a break, radiographer: a professional responsible for diagnostic imaging, scaphoid: bone of the wrist, a common site of fracture, femur: the largest bone in the human body, boxers: the name given to a fracture of the 5th metacarpal, cathode: x-ray tubes have both an anode and a _ , arthritis: common cause of knee pain in late adulthood, skyline: an x-ray of the patella, or a scenic view at the end of a day, mri: a form of imaging that utilizes a magnetic field.