Labor Day Crossword Puzzle

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  • white: according to fashion, you should not wear this color after labor day
  • american worker: labor day is a celebration of the _
  • monday: labor day is celebrated on the first _ of september.
  • south dakota: sen kyle from _ introduced legislation to officially make labor day the holiday we know today
  • canada: this country celebrated labor day before the us
  • eight: in 1916 the adamson act established an _ hour workday
  • summer: labor day marks the end of _
  • football: labor day is the unofficial start of what season
  • oregon: first state to celebrate it as a holiday in 1887
  • maguire: two men who share this name, are credited with the idea of labor day
  • new york city: first city to celebrate labor day in 1882
  • grover cleveland: this president signed labor day into law