October Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: carving : the record for fastest pumpkin _ is 16.47 seconds, halloween : this horror flick was filmed in 21 days, chocolate : statistical studies found that 50% of children prefer to receive this on halloween, turnips : the first jack-o-lanterns were carved from _ , houdini : this famous magician, passed away on halloween night in 1926, spiderman : the most popular children's costume in 2021, squash : pumpkins are actually a fruit. to be more specific, pumpkins are a type of _ , harvest : this is the first moon of october, candy corn : this candy was originally named chicken feed due to its shape and color, night : trick-or-treating typically begins around this time of day, samhainophobia : the fear of halloween, candy : on average, kids who trick or treat will bring home bags of _ worth 11,000 calories, casper : the friendly ghost, reeses cups : these rank as one of the highest-selling candies during halloween, scarecrows : these symbolize the ancient and agricultural roots of the holiday, pumpkin : the most popular pet's costume in 2021, bosses day : this holiday is typically observed on october 16th.