Winter Season Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: hanukkah: 8-day holiday typically celebrated by jewish people, the grinch: the highest grossing christmas movie of all time, kwanzaa: festival of life celebrated from december 26 to january 1, champagne: traditional alcoholic drink to have on new year’s eve, eggnog: popular holiday beverage containing sugar, milk, and eggs, mexico: poinsettia’s country of origin, mince: traditional pie at british christmas feasts, carol: type of song style associated with christmas, reindeer: type of animal that pulls santa's sleigh, thundersnow: a snowstorm with thunder and lightning, snow rollers: self forming snowballs, stonehenge: monument that helps mark the winter solstice, snowdrop: small white flower that blooms in the winter, slush: snow that is 15% water, six: most snowflakes have this many sides, solstice: word meaning “sun stands still”, goose: artificial christmas trees were once made out of this bird’s feathers, migration: seasonal movement done by birds, canada: country where ice hockey was invented, lights: hanukkah is also known as the festival of, hogmanay: this scottish holiday is held on december 31st, mardi gras: famous winter festival that takes place in new orleans, alaska: where dog sledding originated, japan: the sapporo snow festival takes place in this country, blizzard: a bad snowstorm