Winter Season Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: HANUKKAH: 8-day holiday typically celebrated by Jewish people, THE GRINCH: The highest grossing Christmas movie of all time, KWANZAA: Festival of life celebrated from December 26 to January 1, CHAMPAGNE: Traditional alcoholic drink to have on New Year’s Eve, EGGNOG: Popular holiday beverage containing sugar, milk, and eggs, MEXICO: Poinsettia’s country of origin, MINCE: Traditional pie at British Christmas feasts, CAROL: Type of song style associated with Christmas, REINDEER: Type of animal that pulls Santa's sleigh, THUNDERSNOW: A snowstorm with thunder and lightning, SNOW ROLLERS: Self forming snowballs, STONEHENGE: Monument that helps mark the Winter solstice, SNOWDROP: Small white flower that blooms in the Winter, SLUSH: Snow that is 15% water, SIX: Most snowflakes have this many sides, SOLSTICE: Word meaning “sun stands still”, GOOSE: Artificial Christmas trees were once made out of this bird’s feathers, MIGRATION: Seasonal movement done by birds, CANADA: Country where ice hockey was invented, LIGHTS: Hanukkah is also known as the Festival of, HOGMANAY: This Scottish holiday is held on December 31st, MARDI GRAS: Famous Winter festival that takes place in New Orleans, ALASKA: Where dog sledding originated, JAPAN: The Sapporo Snow Festival takes place in this country, BLIZZARD: A bad snowstorm