Fall Crossword

Download and print this Fall crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.

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QUESTIONS LIST: Casper : There was a cartoon with a friendly ghost. What was his name?, Thanksgiving : What holiday do we celebrate in November?, Turkey : The most common meat eaten on Thanksgiving is ?, Jack o Lantern : When a pumpkin is carved it is called what?, Pumpkin : The most common pie at Thanksgiving, Hibernation : In the autumn, some animals hide in a private place until after winter. What is this called, Costumes : On Halloween, kids wear?, Football : This is a sport that begins in the fall, Trick or Treat : When the kids go out on Halloween night, they knock on doors and say what?, October : What month is Halloween?, Leaves : What changes color in the fall season?, Friday : The day after Thanksgiving is known as black _____, Apples : A fun fall game is called "bobbing for__?", Back : In the fall, we set our clocks _______, Candy corn : A beloved candy at Halloween that is orange, white and yellow in the shape of a triangle is called what?, Thursday : What day of the week is Thanksgiving always celebrated?