The Vertebrate Integument 2 Crossword Puzzle

Download and print this The Vertebrate Integument 2 crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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  • placoid scales : dermal scales found in cartilaginous fishes.
  • ganoid scales : dermal scales found in non teleost bony fishes.
  • cycloid scales : are smooth-edged scales dermal scales found in teleost fishes.
  • ctenoid scales : dermal scales found in teleost fishes that have comb-like teeth on their overlapping edge.
  • melanocytes : epidermal structure which produces melanin.
  • langerhans cells : epidermal structure which determine appropriate adaptive immune response.
  • merkel cells : epidermal structure which receive the sensation of touch.
  • macrophage : dermal structure involved in the detection, phagocytosis and destruction of bacteria.
  • fat cells : dermal structure which functions as storage of energy in the form of triglycerides.
  • skin colorization : results from the interaction among physical and structural properties of the integument.
  • tyndall effect : light scattering by particles in a colloid or in a very fine suspension.
  • pigment colors : consists of brown, black, red, orange, or yellow.
  • melanophores : synthesize melanin.
  • xanthophores : contains yellow granule.
  • erythrophores : contain red granule.
  • iridophores : contain guanine and produce iridescence.
  • cosmoid scales : rhomboid scales found in coelecanths.
  • parotid gland : glands found in the side of the ear in frogs.
  • osteoderm : forms a series of gastralia. found in crocodiles and sphenodon.
  • apical pits : protrudes a tiny hair-like filament.
  • femoral glands : located in the hindlimb underside.
  • scent glands : found in the anal area of turtles.