The Valentine Cat Crossword Puzzle

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  • party : a way to celebrate a birthday
  • costume : what do you wear when you go trick or treat
  • trouble : munchkin could not stay out of
  • teacher : the person who teaches
  • librarian : what do you call a person who works in a library
  • richard : jenny's friend
  • principal : the person who is in charge of the school
  • hiss : a noise cat's make as a warning
  • valentine _ day : special day in february where you give loved cards
  • classmate : someone who is in the same class as you in school
  • love : something or someone you like a lot
  • supercat : munchkins costume
  • february : the month of valentine's day
  • library : a place you go to checkout books
  • school : kids go here to learn
  • students : kids in the class are called
  • munchkin : jenny's pet name
  • jenny : munchkin's owner
  • pet : a animal that you own take care of
  • cat : jenny's pet is a what