The Valentine Cat Crossword

Download and print this The Valentine Cat crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: PARTY : A way to celebrate a birthday, COSTUME : What do you wear when you go trick or treat, TROUBLE : Munchkin could not stay out of, TEACHER : The person who teaches, LIBRARIAN : What do you call a person who works in a library, RICHARD : Jenny's friend, PRINCIPAL : The person who is in charge of the school, HISS : A noise cat's make as a warning, VALENTINE_DAY : Special day in February where you give loved cards, CLASSMATE : Someone who is in the same class as you in school, LOVE : Something or someone you like a lot, SUPERCAT : Munchkins costume, FEBRUARY : The month of Valentine's Day, LIBRARY : A place you go to checkout books, SCHOOL : Kids go here to learn, STUDENTS : Kids in the class are called, MUNCHKIN : Jenny's pet name, JENNY : Munchkin's owner, PET : A animal that you own take care of, CAT : Jenny's pet is a what