The Roman Empire Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: BRUTUS : Worst betrayer of Caesar, CONSTANTINOPLE : Eastern capital of the Roman Empire, GAUL : Name for what is today France, CALIGULA : Emperor who supposedly made his horse a Senator, DICTATOR : Caesar was made _____ for life, CHRISTIANS : People who were sometimes fed to the lions, CLEOPATRA : Infamous queen of Egypt, MARK ANTONY : Rallied the Romans to avenge Caesar's death, LATIN : Language of the Romans, ALEXANDRIA : Egyptian city taken by Rome, site of fabulous library, EASTERN : Half of the empire that survived longer, PANTHEON : Beautiful temple in Rome, COLOSSEUM : Famed Roman site of sporting events, GLADIATOR : Men who competed in warlike sporting events, VANDALS : Most destructive of the invading tribes, NERO : Emperor who let Rome burn, BARBARIAN : Term for tribes whose invasion led to the fall of Rome, MAXIMUS : Circus ________, a famous Roman arena, BREAD : _____ and Circus, HADRIAN : Emperor who built wall to mark boundary of Roman Britain