The Fall of Rome Crossword Puzzle

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  • barbarians : these invaders, which were non-romans, included the germanic tribes from the north and mongol nomads from central asia.
  • plague : the diseases to which the romans lost many lives were known as the _ ;
  • inflation : a drastic drop in the value of money coupled with a rise in prices.
  • taxes : after reaching their limit for expansion, and lacking resources like gold and silver, the government decided to raise _ to increase revenue.
  • conscription : a draft of soldiers to build the numbers in the military.
  • trade : hostile tribes and pirates on the mediterranean sea disrupted _ .
  • constantine : this leader gained control of the western half of the roman empire, then controlled both parts.
  • diocletian : a strong-willed leader named _ divided the empire into the east and the west since he felt it had become too large for one ruler.
  • invasions : one of the major factors that led to the fall of rome was _ from outside barbarians.
  • republic : a government in which leaders are chosen by the citizens they represent.
  • patriotism : many average citizens of rome began to lose their sense of _ , they became indifferent to the fate of the empire and lost the love of their homeland.
  • byzantium : this city, which was important for trade and defense purposes, became the new capital under constantine.
  • huns : this asian tribe was described as being savages, eating raw meat, having no shelter or homes, and relying on pillaging and slaughtering to survive.
  • sack : plundering or destruction of a place by an army or a mob.
  • mercenaries : these foreign soldiers that accepted lower pay than roman soldiers were often not quite loyal to the empire.
  • dictatorship : a government in which a single leader has absolute power.
  • east : when the roman empire was divided by diocletian, the _ was far wealthier than the other side, because it included the great cities and trade centers.
  • romulus : _ augustulus was the last roman emperor.
  • helmets : when fighting the germanic tribe known as a the goths, many roman soldiers had no breastplates or _ as protection.
  • soldiers : in the military, roman _ became less disciplined and loyal.
  • silver : when rome started minting new coins, they used less _ in coins, to hopefully create more money with the same amount of the precious resource.
  • huns : this fierce group of mongol nomads led by attila terrorized the roman empire in both the east and the west.